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It is my belief that we, in the community, must be vigilant and work because GCS has incredible teachers and staff who have a genuine concern for our students. But, we must do our part. We do not want to lose great teachers and staff to neighboring counties due to the lack of support, training, compensation or poor working conditions. Guilford County needs concerned board members who are willing to lead without self-gratification. As your school board member representing District 7, I will support and advocate for all students, teachers, faculty, staff and most importantly our community. As a supporter of the GCS Strategic Plan 2018-2022, I aim to unite the school board to support initiatives and determine ways the community can get involved. I will be the voice of reckoning and reasoning demonstrating the utmost respect to my fellow board members.

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I fully support school safety awareness programs, Career and Technical Education (CTE) initiatives, resources for students with disabilities, increasing the compensation for classified and non-certified employees as well as students’ appeal for short-term suspensions. In 2020, I plan to enhance my support for the district’s Strategic Plan, as well as literacy and math goals by purchasing books for students to take home to build their own library and math flash cards to practice outside of classroom. Remember, the lives of our students remain in our hands. We can choose to turn our backs on them, ignore them or open up our hearts and assist them by reaching down to give them a helping hand. I choose to BE THE CHANGE doing whatever is needed to help our students and families be successful in life. You never know who may give you your last meal, help you bathe or guide your wheelchair. 

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