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In the late 1970’s, I relocated to Greensboro, NC from Oxford, NC to provide a better life for myself and my family. I have been a proud Guilford County resident for more than four decades. Even though I retired from Guilford County in 2016, I never stopped working to assist families. Since my retirement, I have continued my public service commitment as a tutor and school lunch buddy helping students build character and develop skills needed to be successful. One of the highlights of my volunteer opportunities consists of providing holiday joy to underserved youth of Guilford County Schools. During the Christmas holiday, I revert to my career passion and assist approximately 20 students by purchasing items from their Christmas Wish List. In July 2019, I initated a Shoe Drive to support families in Haiti. With your help, I collected 2,825 pairs of new and gently used shoes.


These are just some examples to provide insight as to why you should know the name and vote for me as your next Guilford County School Board District 7 Representative.


Thank you for helping me collect 2,825 pairs of new and gently used shoes for families in Haiti.


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